Mt. (pronounced mountain) is a procedural-generated climbing game in which players have to scale difficult walls and overhangs to get to a top of a mountain, where a red flag awaits the conqueror who survived against all odds. Technically there's no danger that'll end your climb, but you do lose significant progress when a fall sends you a long way back.

There are two skills that you need to master in order to overcome the challenges that await you. Jumping is executed with the tap of the left mouse button, and you can stay put on any flat surface (regardless of whether it is vertical or upside down) as long as both your feet are touching the ground. This requires holding down the left button while you're in the air to spin clockwise until the right angle is achieved. Players can also control their air speed velocity by using the WASD keys.

You'll need to use the bungie cord to climb tougher wall surfaces. To do this, just hold the right mouse button and press a key that points away from the ground. Once you're hanging off the rope, you can use the directional keys to swing yourself in any direction, or let go of the right button to surrender yourself to gravity again. This technique, when used correctly, can propel the player around any overhang that stands in their way towards victory.

Mt. was made for TIGSource's AGBIC compo, and you'll need a Java-enabled browser to run it. There's also a Windows version that can be downloaded to play locally as well (my preferred method). And feel free to suggest mountain names for other players to climb in the comments section. (Mac/Win/Linux, 0.89MB)