Illuminator is a 2D action game which tells the story of a boy who has to rescue his kidnapped sister, captured by ghouls that travel from house to house by tearing through the fabric of space. Your objective here is to find the hole in each house, then kill enough monsters to weaken the stitches on the portal that prevent you from using it to travel to the next house.

The flashlight in your possession can be used to dispel the ghouls, but only when you turn it off for a second or two to charge up the special attack. Press the C key when the yellow gauge at the top left corner of the screen starts to flash, and any enemies hit by the light will start to burn and dissipate. You can also pick up light fixtures and plug them into wall sockets to illuminate a room or corridor. Any ghouls that walk past them will cast a shadow, hence notifying you of their approach before it is too late to react. Occasionally you will find energy drinks that increase your health by a little, or keys from dispatched enemies which are useful for opening doors.

Download Illuminator here. (Windows, 7.18MB)