If Tim thought that This Is The Only Level Too was an unnecessary sequel, wait until he gets a load of this. Achievement Unlocked 2 is the second in the series which made that little blue elephant famous, and this time he's got even more achievements for you to unlock. 250 of them. Yikes.

While many of the achievements are very tedious and tiresome, there are some genuinely interesting ideas thrown in there. For example, the 'Two Browser Windows' achievement leads to some pretty strange gaming, while collecting coins allows you to buy 'level packs'. In other words, it's as ridiculous as before, but just on a bigger scale. You can even play it co-op multiplayer this time around!

I can see you sighing right now and saying "I'm not going to play that crap!", but just you wait. You'll still be at it in an hour's time. It's unlock and load time at Armor Games. You can still play the original Achievement Unlocked at Armor Games.