I already featured one of John's latest games just yesterday, but by gum, I'm going to throw another one your way! Epic Combo! is exactly what it says on the tin - trying to get a 10,000 hit combo in the shortest time possible.

There are turtles walking along the bottom of the level, and you have a huge mallet. With one swing, you need to cause a huge chain reaction of 10,000 turtle hits. Initially you'll be getting around 10 hits in a combo... but once the money starts rolling in, you can press S to visit the shop, and buy tools of destruction to help reach your goal. As John once parodied achievement unlocking, now he's laying into combo-building. Leave my favourite gaming pastimes alone, damnit!

Here's a couple of tips to doing it as fast as possible - first off, try to make a boxed-in area that the turtles can constantly bounce around. The best way to do this is with the grinders. Then place lots of launchers on the ground underneath, so that the turtles will bounce back up once they've fallen. Finally, place down lots of mines - they cause even more turtles to bounce up - and then use any future cash you earn to increase the turtle flow.

I want to see best times, people! Play at Armor Games.