Game Trekking is a new travel documentary project conceived by Jordan Magnuson (aka flamingpear), the original founder of TIGSource. The expedition is Jordan's six-month plan to tour various countries in South East Asia, and making an average of two games for each country he visits. All of the games made during this period will be released for free on the Game Trekking site, and can be downloaded by everyone regardless of whether they've backed the project or not.

Without Jordan there would be no TIGSource, although that's not to say Derek and his hardworking editorial crew hasn't done an excellent job on the site. There are only four backers for this Kickstarter project at the time of posting, but we're hoping that everyone would contribute something and get it off the ground (especially if you're a TIGSource forum member).

Personally I'm offering him a place to stay for free when he visits my country, so he doesn't have to camp out in the forest and risk being eaten alive by a hungry tiger.