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Archive For August, 2010

Trailer: Cart Life (Richard Hofmeier)

August 19, 2010 10:00 AM | Tim W.

Cart Life is an unreleased retail simulation game that has been in development for more than two years now, featuring four playable characters with unique goals, special abilities and their own personal addictions that the player would have to manage throughout their entire career.

Playing a street vendor means having to make decisions on what items to sell, which stand improvements to acquire, and choosing whether to ply your trade legally (by applying for a permit) or illegally on the sidewalks. There are plenty of screenshots and photos of an actual arcade cabinet for showcasing Cart Life to gallery attendees, but the full game is yet to be made available for the public to download. (AGS forum thread)

Free Warlock Bentspine Soundtrack Released

August 19, 2010 9:00 AM | Tim W.

Composed by Phlogiston (I've always read it as Phlogistron), the soundtrack to Lazrool's freeware 2D platformer Warlock Bentspine is now available as a free download from Pause Music. As a commemorative gesture for this release, Francis Coulombe (FrankieSmileShow) had posted a timelapse video of the soundtrack cover being drawn from start to finish.

The soundtrack features eleven tunes in total (all in MP3 format), and you can grab the entire thing from this page. For the link to download the game, go here.

Indie Game Links: Moonwalker

August 19, 2010 8:00 AM | Tim W.

Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

distractionware: Take me down to Nexus City
"Nexus City is an RPG set in an alternate Arizona, and I’ve been working on it for the last ten days or so with Jonas Kyratzes (creator of Phenomenon 32). We’re hoping to have it finished in a couple of weeks."

The Witness: Island Shrinkage
"In the previous update we talked about how, despite the fact that The Witness is an open-world game, we are trying to make the environment as compact as possible. Today we took a step in that direction by moving some areas around and compacting the island, changing its shape a bit."

The Shank Blog: Costume Unlocks and More Music
"By satisfying different requirements, you’ll be able to unlock costumes throughout the game. We’re going to reveal all the details of what the costumes are and how to unlock them, one day at a time, through our Twitter account."

Gamasutra: The Difficulty of Understanding A World That Can't Exist
"Indie game designer Alexander Bruce is showing off a mind-boggling, space-warping first-person game to an audience that is unsure if they are amazed or baffled or both. Bruce's demonstration of his work-in-progress, Hazard: The Journey of Life, explores a potential of digital space far more detached from reality than video games traditionally explore." Freeplay 2010 Awards awarded Sturdiest Trophy
"I’ve joined forces with Irrational Games co-founder Jon Chey on an all new, totally secret project. All I can tell you is that it is rad, and that you will love it with all your heart."

Ludus Novus: Fundraising
"I’m thinking of doing something to bring in a bit of extra money, and one option is to sell a CD-ROM printed-on-demand containing all of my already-released games. I’d also make the games ad-free, of course."

increpare games: Donating
"I have added a donate button, and every donation counts since I do not have much in the way of savings. If you have any other suggestions as to ways I might make money (without compromising my work), I would be interested in hearing from you."

Gamasutra: Judging Games On Length
"Klei Entertainment's Jamie Cheng gathers prominent independent developers in a simultaneous group discussion on what critics expect from game length, calling for a halt on the critical tendency to weigh or value a game according to its duration or content volume."

Indie Superstar: Diametrically Opposed Indie Shmups Fight for Justice
"Matthew Doucette (Duality ZF) and Christopher Emirzian (XOP Black) design their own shmups, hoping to shape and sustain the genre’s future. Their fanbase is growing and their attention to their craft has garnered them massive respect. We discover that even in the various shmup sub-genres, successful developers can have strikingly similar goals and opinions."

Pixel Prospector: The Big List Of Indie Marketing And Business Tips
"A collection of links related to indie marketing and business things."

Kickstarter Projects: Perdition, Giant of the River Thames

August 19, 2010 7:00 AM | Tim W.

Abandon Hope Games describes their game Perdition as a side-scrolling platformer set in Hell, and the development team is hoping to achieve their Kickstarter goal of $10,000 in the next three days (they're just short of $2,500 in fund pledges). The funds will be used to acquire all of the software licenses they need to produce Perdition, and if all goes well they plan to have it launched on the Xbox Live Arcade once the game is completed.

Studio Pepwuper is seeking funds to developed a "family-oriented" stealth adventure game for the iPhone and web browsers (most likely using the Unity engine). Called The Giant of the River Thames, the team is looking to raise enough funds for this Kickstarter project so that they may realize their dreams of creating non-violent games that'll appeal to both children and adults. A playable demo is available online to try out, and any funds received will be spent on prepping a full game for release on their targeted platforms.

Preview: Dwarfs (Power of Two)

August 18, 2010 3:00 PM | Tim W.

Power of Two's Dwarfs is a real-time strategy game that's all about mining and resource management, where players are given command over a group of miners to guide and direct while they search for precious gold in a randomly-generated underground dungeon. When not issued with an order, a digger will explore on his own accord and automatically loot any treasure rooms that he finds, but you need to keep an eye on them because they can drown in water or burned by hot molten lava.

Everytime you discover a new cave (marked by black squares on the map), there is a chance of it containing enemies, treasure, water or lava. Rooms with water and lava need to be closed off using walls and dynamites, and if not done quickly enough the liquid will flow through any open corridors until they flood the entire tunnel system that you've been building up throughout the entire game.

Gold is the main currency in Dwarfs, and you'll be needing lots of it even if just to issue a move order to one of your dwarves. You can train warriors to fight off any goblins terrorizing the diggers, and a bell can be used to summon them back to the town hall to defend your base of operations.

A playable beta build of Dwarfs is available to download from Power of Two's official site, and the full version of the game will be released on Steam and American retail by Tripwire Interactive (publisher of ACE Team's Zeno Clash) sometime in October 2010.

Browser Game Pick: e7 (Jonas Richner)

August 18, 2010 2:00 PM | Tim W.

In e7 players are assigned the mission of inflitrating an alien planet and disabling a bomb that has been targeted at Earth. This 2D platform game features roughly twenty levels to play and some clever implementation of puzzles and challenges, many of them centered around the idea of launching your ship high into the air after getting it to sink into the ground for a couple of seconds.

A health bar is shown at the top of the screen, but your ship will immediately explode into pieces if it comes in contact with any sharp object on the surface of the planet. Any damage inflicted upon your ship can be fixed by collecting fireflies, usually appearing after you've destroyed an enemy ship or two.

Although the game seems to imply otherwise, there is really only one ending to be discovered. Some may find the wall jump section to be unnecessarily difficult as well, which might cause more than a few people to quit even though they're halfway through the entire adventure already. (Kongregate mirror)

Trailer: Doc Logic (Cosmic Logic)

August 18, 2010 12:32 PM | Michael Rose

Doc Logic is an upcoming retro survival game in which players attempt to stay alive for as long as possible, collecting time bonuses to keep the clock ticking and upgrading their weapon so they can take out the later, more dangerous enemies.

There are checkpoints scattered around each level and as each is collected, the timer will increase. However, this will also cause subsequent checkpoints to be more spread out over the level, and more powerful bad guys will spawn. Doc only has a simple melee attack to begin with, but can upgrade it for more power, or grab some ranged weapons.

The chiptune soundtrack is provided by 8 Bit Weapon. While it looks like good fun, my main concern is that the levels all look a bit samey, with tiles simply given different textures to indicate a different environment. Hopefully the level design will be up to scratch. Head to the Cosmic Logic site for all the details.

Preview: Minitroid (Tokinsom)

August 18, 2010 11:00 AM | Tim W.

I don't normally write about fan-made Metroid games (those that use sprites from the Metroid releases on the GBA), but this Construct project seems different enough to warrant a mention here on IndieGames.

Minitroid is a 2D platform game that is currently being developed by Metroid fan Tokinsom, and a short video that showcases the sprites in motion was uploaded to the internet sometime last week. Being a fan work, it should be safe to expect that Minitroid will be released as a free download for Windows when it is completed, although no release date has been attached to the project at the time of writing.

Trailer: Siamese Enemies (Krimelo)

August 18, 2010 10:00 AM | Tim W.

A trailer for Siamese Enemies was posted yesterday on Krimelo's site, a project that the Swedish developer describes as a two-player game in which you and your friend play a pair of Siamese twins who was chased away by their evil mother.

The clip above shows some of the cutscenes and gameplay elements from Siamese Enemies. According to Krimelo (Autocannibalism, Nation of Reincars) the game should be out in a week's time or two from now.

Browser Game Pick: You Have No Legs (Martin Brochu)

August 17, 2010 5:00 PM | Tim W.

Nagnazul's You Have No Legs (Kongregate mirror) is a Metroid-style game where you play as Jack, an archaeology student who got himself trapped inside a cave after an earthquake incident during a visit to a dig site in Mexico. To complicate matters even further, Jack has no legs so moving around the labyrinth is going to take some effort from the player.

Fortunately our hero is able to travel from one place to another by dragging himself using his arms, and after grabbing a couple of power-ups to build up muscle strength and courage he can even climb walls or ceilings inside the maze. Once a map has been found, pushing the M key brings it up on screen for players to review and refine their plan of escape.

There are small pools of water that you can swim in to save your game, although it should be noted that any progress made during your last session will be completely wiped out the second that new game option at the main menu screen is clicked. Also don't forget to grab a feather (which makes Jack lighter) from the secret room located just to the left side of the area where your first power-up is acquired. This makes the game slightly easier to play, and you have one less location to backtrack to on your long list of rooms to revisit.

Together with Radial Plus and Icarus Proudbottom, You Have No Legs is just one of the forty games created for Something Awful's Game Development Challenge (in which it placed first).

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