A number of timelapse videos from last weekend's Ludum Dare 18 competition had started appearing online over the last couple of days, and Russell Fincher from Uncommon Assembly did a great job of compiling all of the clips into a YouTube playlist that is easy to view and navigate.

The video above shows a different kind of timelapse though. Instead of the usual screenshots from the programmer's screen taken every few minutes, Jonathan Whiting (developer of Collateral) has decided to set up a camera to capture his actions during the 48-hour game development competition.

An incredible 172 games were created for the jam over the weekend (not counting the 41 game jam entries), and though I'm still playing through each and every one of them, I'd like to thank everyone who sent messages and mails to remind us about their submitted entries. We're not going to be able to write about all of them, but you can find more coverage on LD18 entries from Bytejacker as well.