Jables's Adventure is a 2D platformer that took JaJitsu (developer of Cat Poke) over a year to make, although there's only about an hour's worth of gameplay in it even after taking the sparsity of checkpoints into consideration. The story is about a boy named Jables who one day wakes up with a squid on his head, and sets out to do heroic things after being advised to do so by the talking cephalopod.

Drinking from a bottle of juice restores his health, collecting a fruit increases his maximum hit points, and slapping the palm of the character who wears a striped beanie saves the game. The lack of an automap is rather disappointing, and there are far too many moments that require the player to backtrack across areas which they have previously explored.

Though flawed, Jables's Adventure is still a decent game to play, just as long as you don't mind the incohesive storyline plot and slightly drab level design. (Windows, 24.9MB)