IndieCade has revealed the thirty-two finalists for their 2010 festival which is set to take place in Culver City, California this coming October 8th-10th.

The games will be showcased throughout the three-day event which is open to the public, and an awards ceremony will be held on the evening of October 8th to present the winners of the twelve IndieCade award categories.

The selected IndieCade finalists are as follows:

1066 - The game (Preloaded / Channel 4, UK)
A Slow Year (Ian Bogost, USA)
Auditorium (Cipher Prime, USA)
B.U.T.T.O.N. (Copenhagen Game Collective, Denmark)
Blue Lacuna (Aaron Reed, USA)
Cargo Delivery (Cat in the Sky, Brazil)
Castle Vox (Sillysoft, Canada)
Continuity (Ragtime Games, Sweden)
Creaky Old Memory (DADIU, Denmark)
Every Day The Same Dream (Molleindustria, Italy)
Faraway (Steph Thirion, USA)
FATALE (Tale of Tales, Belgium)
feelforit (Chris DeLeon, USA)
Fractal (Cipher Prime, USA)
Gentleman of the South Sandwiche Islands (Taylor & Gray, USA)
Groping in the Dark (Team Arex, South Korea)
Humans vs. Zombies (Gnarwhal Studios, USA)
LIMBO (Playdead, Denmark)
Miegakure (Marc ten Bosch, USA)
Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess! (Mediatonic, UK)
Recurse (Matt Parker, USA)
Retro/Grade (24 Caret Games, USA)
Sixteen Tons (Nathalie Pozzi and Eric Zimmerman, USA)
Socks, Inc. (Jim Babb/Data Played, USA)
Solace (One Man Down, USA)
Spirits (Spaces of Play, Germany)
Tic-Tac-Totum (Jesse Fuchs, USA)
The Cat And The Coup (Peter Brinson, USA)
The Games of Nonchalance (Nonchalance, USA)
TRAUMA (Krystian Majewski, Germany)
VVVVVV (Terry Cavanagh, Ireland)

More information about these finalists and the IndieCade 2010 festival itself can be found over at the official site.