BIT.TRIP RUNNER is next up in our look at this year's IndieCade finalists. It's a platformer featuring Gaijin Games' lead character CommanderVideo, and the fourth in the series of BIT.TRIP games.

What do players do in BIT.TRIP RUNNER, I hear you ask? Well why don't you take a guess, smart-alec! Our dear Commander runs runs runs, and jumps every now and then too. In fact, the jumps are meant to be pulled off with the rhythm - indeed, this is a musical endeavor, with plenty of chiptune tracks to keep you smiling.

There are over 50 levels, with some huge boss battles to overcome too. OK, so it's another of those 'keep running right and jump at the right moment' games, but let's be fair - they're usually good fun, and this one is no exception. It was released in May for WiiWare, and costs 800 Wii Points ($8).