Castle Vox is next up in our look at the IndieCade 2010 finalists, and well, there's not really much to look at to be quite honest - not because the game is far from release, but more that the developers are being rather secretive about it.

First, what we do know - it's a turn-based strategy that appears to play out like a cross between Risk and the recently mentioned Frozen Synapse. Players simultaneously make their moves, and when everyone is ready the action begins. The game also "mixes elements from Diplomacy and Axis&Allies", although details on this haven't been revealed as of yet.

The settings vary wildly, spanning many ages and mythologies. Play during the American Revolution, then have a go at being Hades, before finishing off with a game set in outer space. There's also a map editor included for creating your own scenarios.

That's roughly everything we know regarding the gameplay at present. It's apparently going to be launching sometime in the next month at a price of $14 (roughly £10), and will be available on PC, Mac and Linux. There's an official website if you want to check out some more screenshots.