Our look at the IndieCade 2010 finalists gave us a board game earlier this week, and today we're branching out even further with Humans vs Zombies, a live-action game of tag. Over the course of a weeks, players keep Nerf guns by their sides for protection against the zombie hordes.

Usually played on a college or university campus, a regular game of HvZ sees one person being chosen as the zombie, and they wear an orange headband to show this. The rest of the participating players each wear an orange armband to show they are a human and part of the game. If a zombie touches a human, the human must remove their armband and give their ID card to the zombie, who then enters that person's number into a database. An hour after being tagged, the human becomes a zombie and begins hunting other humans.

If a human manages to shoot a zombie with the Nerf gun before they attack, the zombie is then out of the game for 15 minutes and cannot attack during this period. The humans win if at least one person manages to survive a week, and the zombie win if every human is tagged. If a zombie doesn't manage to 'feast' for 48 hours, it dies and is out of the game.

There are lots of other rules to do with safezones and special missions too. I'm pretty sure it's an American thing, as I've never encountered it in the UK before, but apparently the game is very popular. An official Humans vs Zombies site states all the rules, and shows all the different events going on around the country.

Have any of you guys played it before? I'm interested to see how popular the game is amongst videogamers in particular.