Our look at the IndieCade finalists for this year has provided us with such a wide variety of styles and game types, including some games which aren't of the video kind. Sixteen Tons is possibly the most diverse we've come across up to now - 4 players use cash from their own pocket to force other players to move heavy steel pipes.

On a 4x4 grid, Each player has two steel pipes of their colour. The winner is the player who manages to get their two pipes sitting adjacent to each other. When it is your turn, the other 3 players bid cash to buy your move. The highest bidder then gives you the money, and tells you which pipe to move. Pipes can be moved 1 space in any direction (including diagonally). If no-one bids, the player can move any pipe they choose.

It's hard to imagine how this game plays out without actually seeing it in action, although I don't think I'll be playing it anytime soon - I'm all out of giant metal pipes and numbered floor grids at the moment. Still, it all sounds pretty intriguing and definitely worth a play if you ever get the chance!