It's time for some more IndieCade 2010 finalist action, and Spirits is up next - a twist on the old Lemmings concept coming soon to iPhone and iPad.

Small spirity thingys spawn from a pile of leaves and proceed to walk through the level. If they bump into a wall, they'll spin around and continue on their way. Your job is to guide as many spirits as possible to a portal in the level, allowing them to escape unharmed.

The twist is that there are a number of breezes blowing in each level that will carry your spirits around the place, whether it be to a useful area, or straight to their doom. Besides guiding them along the right path, you'll need to utilize these winds to your advantage.

The game was also picked for the Sense of Wonder Night, so clearly there's something about it that is intriguing the judges. Check out the official site for more details.