I've been holding off on posting about Pirates of New Horizons for a little while, as I wanted to see more details emerge first. It's a 3D action adventure game set in a world of floating islands and pirate ships with wings.

You take control of Annha, a young pirate with a thirst for treasure. After being attacked by alien pirates (let's assume Annha is a 'good' pirate, then), she must find a way to repair her ship and escape an island, while searching for treasure and gems at the same time. There are puzzles to overcome and combat to be unleashed, with special items to use, side-quests to partake in, and some pretty lovely sights to see.

The final version will probably cost monies, but a free browser-based version will be available sometime in the next month, that will contain a heavy amount of content. So that should be something to look forward to! Check the official site for more info.