Our look at this year's IndieCade finalists takes us to The Games of Nonchalance, described on the official site as "an immersive real world experience". Set around San Francisco (the real city, not a video game), players explore the area in a different light, using special clues and maps to follow a story.

There are three acts to get involved with. The first starts at The Jejune Institute with an orientation session from a strange cult. The second involves you heading into upper Dolores Park and tuning into a specific radio frequency to hear encoded transmissions. Finally, you're asked to take part in the reconstruction of a woman's life, after she disappeared 20 years ago.

I can't even begin to understand how it all works, but it sounds pretty spectacular and the whole thing is getting rave reviews from newspapers in the area. Make sure you check it out, and if you're in San Francisco, why not get involved?