The winners of IndieCade 2010 were announced last night at an award ceremony in Culver City. There are some big surprises, coupled with a few obvious choices.

Here's the list of winners in full:

Gameplay Innovation Award: Continuity
Technological Innovation Award: Miegakure
Sound Award: Limbo
World and Story Award: Games of Nonchalance
Documentary Award: The Cat and the Coup
Aesthetics Award: Spirits
Sublime Experience Award: Faraway
Fun and Compelling Award: VVVVVV
Wild Card Award: B.U.T.T.O.N.
Trailblazer Award: Tim Schafer
Virtuoso Award: A Slow Year
Vanguard Award: A Slow Year
Jury Award: Groping in the Dark

Obvious picks include the likes of The Cat and the Coup for the Documentary Award, and Games of Nonchalance for the World and Story Award. Ian Bogost did pretty well for himself too, picking up two awards for his Atari Video Computer System based game A Slow Year. The real surprise is the Jury Award going to Groping in the Dark - we know barely anything about this game, but clearly it's going to be something to look forward to!

Head over to the IndieCade site for all the details, including the celebrities who showed up - apparently the Old Spice Guy presented an award!