At this past weekend's IndieCade event taking place in Culver City, California, visitors were invited to play independent game titles and hear from their creators in a gallery environment modeled after an art walk. Among those featured were the Copenhagen Game Collective's party romp BUTTON (Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally OK Now), which will be available on Xbox Live Indie Games shortly, and 24CaretGames' Retro/Grade, which took home IndieCade's 2010 Audience Choice Award.

On Sunday Alex Neuse, CEO of Gaijin Games, joined a panel called Project Next with Jonathan Blow (Braid) and Ian Bogost (A Slow Year). The sneak peek given by the company was of Laserlife, a conceptual game project departing from the retro sprite graphics of Bit.Trip. In a CG trailer, the bleached skeleton of an astronaut was shown slowly flailing in its suit within a zero gravity space capsule, while gray tubes extended along the walls of the weightless environment. The game designer described a potential gameplay scenario in which these "taffy" sticks would be guided by two Playstation Move controllers or Kinect motions, but not strictly controlled. He compared the proposed input mechanism for Laserlife with steering a horse.

Later in the day, Neuse gave a brief Gamewalk preso on Bit.Trip Runner, a WiiWare sidescroller on rails that includes introductory music by Anamanaguchi. Bit.Trip Fate will be available on WiiWare later this month, with Minusbaby as guest chip musician this time around. Bit.Trip Beat, with Bit Shifter and rhythm-pong gameplay, has also been recently ported to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. We will be hearing from Alex Neuse and art designer Mike Roush in an upcoming installment of the podcast recorded at the Southern California independent games festival.