indiegames.PNGThe IndieGames podcast is yet again all change this week, as I was down in London for the Eurogamer Expo over the weekend. However, rather than miss a week, I decided to record the podcast down there instead!

The Eurogamer Expo had a lovely indie section called the Indie Games Arcade, so I took the opportunity to interview some of the developers at the Expo and find out about their games. I talked to:

Borut Pfeifer of Haunted Temple Studios, the guys behind Skulls of the Shogun
Charlie Knight of Charlie's Games, the one-man band behind Scoregasm
Paul Taylor of Mode 7 Games, the team currently developing Frozen Synapse
Richard Hogg and Nat Marco (Honeyslug), the peeps working on Hohokum
David Hayward of Mudlark, the team behind the whole Indie Games Arcade

On the Saturday night, around two dozen indie developers and game journalists packed into the back room of a pub for the Show and Yell, which featured indie devs talking up their games and journalists giving tips on how to get your games into the hand of the press - again, I was ready with my trusty recording equipment.

You can listen to the podcast right now just below the cut, or alternatively you can find it here. It's also available on iTunes! I know, we're so modern.

Podcast Links

Eurogamer Expo
Indie Games Arcade

[Game Links]
Skulls of the Shogun
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Scoregasm preview on IndieGames
Frozen Synapse
Frozen Synapse preview on IndieGames
Richard Hogg, artist on Hohokum
Honeyslug site, home of Hohokum
Mudlark, hosts of the Indie Games Arcade

[Indie Games Arcade Links]
Indie Games Arcade line-up
Gemini Rue on IndieGames
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Other games I will be mentioning later in the week:
Tiny and Big
Skulls of the Shogun
Swimming Under Clouds

[Journalist Links]
Rock Paper Shotgun
Quintin Smith
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Kieron Gillen
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Lewie Procter (SavyGamer)
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Phill Cameron
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Eurogamer Megapodcast with myself, Lewie Procter and Lewis Denby

James Spafford on Twitter
Media Molecule
And finally, thanks once again to Souleye for his intro/outro music for the podcast.