indiegames.PNGHere's this week's podcast, yet again bringing you the goods with Jonatan Söderström aka Cactus as the guest host.

Tim and I quiz Jonatan about a variety of topics, from his games to his personal life to his take on the indie gaming scene at the moment. We also get the scoop on his as-of-yet unannounced project Burning Enthusiasm, a game about people who think they are cars and run around town racing each other. Yep - we laughed quite a bit too.

Listen to the podcast just below the cut, or download it to your personal computer right here. Oh yeah, it's also available on iTunes as well, which might be good for those of you who own iThing touch gizmos. You'll also find oodles of links below the cut too, spreading over everything we discussed. I also just want to make the point that while I edit the podcast each week, it's Tim that listens through it multiple times and finds all the appropriate links for this post, and he deserves cake for this. So cheers Tim! (but the cake is a lie)

Podcast Links

Jonatan's site: Cactusquid

[Intro Questions]
This is Infinity
YoYo Games' Game Maker
Unity 3D

[IGF Questions]
GDC 2010 IGF Awards (skip to 31:30 for Jonatan's acceptance speech)
'I won the Nuovo Award'

[Questions About Games]
Air Pirates news, LIFE/DEATH/ISLAND and Indiecade
Air Pirates Trailer
Norrland Trailer
Exhibition Game
Norrland on eBay
Tuning Trailer
'What was supposed to be a Mondo X-Mas'
Mondo Nation trailer
Indie Kombat

[Indie Life Questions]
Jonatan on his latest comic
Space Funeral
Nidhogg Trailer
Bike Game Trailer (with messhof)
Super Meat Boy
Ikiki Games Featured on IndieGames
Crayon Physics Deluxe
Blueberry Garden
Mondo Medicals
Cactusquid in Time Magazine
Names of the games that Jonatan (aka Jonatan's voice-to-text program) read out:
Ad Nauseam, Akuchizoku, Kryzta, Minubeat, MSOIDS, Protoganda, Psychosomnium, Xoldiers, Xwung
Screenshots for Burning Enthusiasm can be found here and here.

And finally, thanks once again to Souleye for his glorious chiptune musiques!