If you own an iDevice and have any interest in game development, then you should probably go get this game right away. In Game Dev Story you play as an owner of a startup company, just about to get your feet wet in the risky business of game development. The adventure begins with your secretary advising you to add a couple of designers, artists and coders to the payroll, then assigning them to a game project where the genre, budget and targeted platform will all be decided by you.

Once the initial meeting is over, the team begins to work on the game for the next couple of months, each member contributing a variable number of points to four important game element stats (creativity, fun, graphics and sound) over the entire course of the project. These points will determine how well your game is received by the press and your fans, but you can also spend more on advertising to hide the shortcomings of your newest title and push up the sales numbers considerably.

The main campaign of Game Dev Story runs over a period of twenty years and spanning the releases of several popular consoles (with slightly different names to avoid copyright issues), although you can continue playing after that for as long as you want and churning out one bestseller title after another. You'll see parodies of nearly every single console from the early 80's until today, including the slightly obscure ones like the PC Engine and Game Gear being available as a platform for you to develop on.

If making money isn't your thing, there is the annual game show award which honors the best games of the year as well. Besides the usual prize money being given out to the winners, the reputation of your game studio also increases whenever a trophy is presented to you for your achievements, so it is a worthwhile cause to chase after if you want the fans to be on the lookout for any of your upcoming games in the near future.

Game Dev Story is available from the App Store for $3.99.