No, Human is a physics-based puzzle game done right, where you play as an omnipotent red being who is slightly annoyed by humankind's desire to colonize everything and claim all that is free in the universe as their own. This petulant behavior calls for a lesson to be taught to the humans, and you do this by hurling fireballs at any construction they decide to launch into space.

Each fireball (indicated by their orange tint) can only be used once, but you can bounce them off larger asteroids to change their original trajectory if needed. New elements like space debris or asteroids with their own gravitational pull are introduced to the players at a steady pace, and rarely ever do you need to manipulate more than two or three fireballs in sequence to solve a puzzle no matter how difficult it gets. A level skip option also appears after several failed tries, allowing you to continue playing the rest of the game just when you're about to give up and put your iPhone or iPad down for a short break.

The original release of No, Human (which comes with fifty levels) was $1.99, but a recent update released just a week ago adds another thirty stages and an extended storyline to make the game a recommended purchase for iOS device owners everywhere.