Dyad is an IGF-entered tunnel shooter that's scheduled for release sometime in 2011 (probably for the PC and perhaps the Xbox 360), where the player's objective is to try to get to the end of a track as quickly as possible by manipulating other vessels on the track.

The game was premiered at Toronto's Hand Eye Society in November 2009, and "...is from Pekko Koskinen, designer of IGF award winning games Dragonfly Variations and Spawns of Deflebub, and Shawn McGrath, creator of Chain3 for iPhone, as well as ToJam favourites Xiq and A Game About Bouncing." [UPDATE: Jason '6955' DeGroot is providing music for the title.]

There's not a lot of information about the game besides what's provided on the IGF page, but do keep an eye on Shawn's site and Dyad's official page for future updates on this upcoming hybrid racer.