It's possible that you'll watch the above video, think 'meh, another average-looking arena shooter' and not bother giving Invaders: Corruption a download. This would be a terrible mistake on your part, as Invaders is in fact far from your average shooter.

Nearly everything you see in the above video (and, of course, in the game) is procedurally generated, from the main ship to the baddies to the way the baddies move to the backdrops. When you begin the game, you're asked to enter a word - this word determines what your ship will look like. Bad guys spawn all over the screen, and will act differently depending on the characteristics they've been given - some may clump together and hide in the corner of the screen, while others will spawn and immediately surge towards you.

The first minute of play is a little dull, as you're given the bare minimum abilities and don't feel all that powerful. However, once the pick-ups start appearing and the intensity ramps up, it's really great fun. There are online leaderboards to climb too.

Make sure you check this one out - download from the Invaders site for both PC and Mac (Click the picture of an invader on the right of the page to find the downloads section).