Oh yes, I'll have some of this please. Octodad is a 3D adventure game that sees you controlling an octopus who is pretending to be a human. He also has kids and a wife who he needs to keep his secret from.

If this sounds pretty crazy, just wait until you see the control scheme. Holding left click and dragging the mouse moves his left tentacle, while right click does the right one. Press space and you move into Arms mode - now left click grabs things, while right click moves your arm up and down. Lots of smashing and destruction is guaranteed, as is hilarious fun. The game is purposely difficult to control, which leads to the octopus walking in a laugh-out-loud manner.

There's even a story revolving around setting up a fake version of yourself so that your wife can enjoy your body without getting covered in ink. Wait, is it squids that squirt ink or octopuses? Or is that octopi? While I go and brush up on my octopus knowledge, you should go and download Octodad right now.