Tea Time Quarrel is a multiplayer arena collect-em-up with an interesting concept - the players choose the rules of the game, then vote on whether a rule should be passed.

The game was developed over three days back in April for the TOJam, but has just now been released. Rules can be anything from 'Most Kills Adds Points' to 'Least Jumps Removes Health' and whoever reaches 100 points first wins. Unfortunately, to play the game you will need four gamepads for your PC to control each of the characters. You can in fact play two player using the keyboard (player 1 uses the arrow keys, X and Z and player 2 uses IJKL, G and H - during voting, the other 2 players can be made to vote using number keys 1-4).

If you have the peripherals required, make sure you check this one out. Download from Matthew Gallant's blog.