Clones has been in development for quite some time (around three years in fact!), so it's great to finally see it released. It's a twist on the old Lemmings concept, with small creatures turning themselves into drills and the like to digs through levels and reach the portal at the end.

The main Pilgrimage mode offers hours of play, teaching the moves one by one and ramping up the difficulty. There are also plenty of contraptions for your Clones to play with, allowing them to walk on ceilings and launch themselves across levels. Global leaderboards track a variety of stats, from how many Clones you saved to your quickest time, and rank you against the rest of the world.

There's also a full multiplayer mode with tons of gameplay options and support for up to 16 players, and space for spectators. Unfortunately there aren't many people playing online, so if you're going to get some multiplayer going, you'll most likely need a bunch of friends to play with you. An easy-to-use level editor and full replay recording system round off what is a mighty fine package.

Clones is available to download from both Steam and Direct2Drive, where it has 10% off the full price ($10) right now. There's also a demo available if you'd like to give it a trial.