Dinner dinner dinner dinner BATMAAAN! Dinner Date has been released, and is available to purchase for $12.45, or even cheaper if you band together and buy with a friend. Is Dinner Date a game? No, it is not. Let me explain why.

Dinner Date follows the story of Julian, a guy who is waiting for his date to show up. Unfortunately she's rather late, so he decides to crack open the wine and start fingering the bread, all the while revealing his inner-most thoughts. Meanwhile, you take a viewpoint from inside his head, looking out through his eyes and watching proceedings. You can tell him to eat some bread, look at the clock and eat soup, but you cannot (as far as I'm aware from my single playthrough) actually change the story or alter what happens.

Julian talks about his life, gets angry, gets drunk and eventually decides how to end the evening. Since you can't change anything that happens - even if you eat the bread, the piece you took simply respawns again - it's more like watching a (barely) interactive movie than playing a game.

Still, the way it is all presented it very nice indeed, and listening to Julian's constant moaning is entertaining enough, hence it's worth checking this out - just make sure you're not expecting anything very hands-on when you go into it. Dinner Date is available to download from the Stout Games site.