fez.jpgI know this isn't about indie games as such, but it's also far too lovely to pass up on. Anders Ekermo is clearly an indie gaming enthusiast, as he has knitted just under a dozen pairs of socks and a couple of woolly hats with characters and logo of indie games on them, and is now selling them via eBay for charity.

You've got Castle Crashers on one pair, Aquaria on another, VVVVVV in there too - there's even a brilliant-looking Star Guard hat that I'm thinking I may have to bid for. A few of the items lower down the eBay page are from mainstream gaming as well.

Truly some excellent stuff, and the best part is that Anders is donating all the proceeds to the Child's Play charity - a group that provides toys and games for childrens' hospitals and funds pediatric health research. There is free shipping on all items, so wherever you are in the world, make sure you put down a bid or two!

[Update: Terry Cavanagh has posted on his blog stating that anyone who bids on the VVVVVV socks will get a free copy of VVVVVV, regardless of whether you win the socks or not. What a nice chap!]