Video artist Raquel Meyers debuted her independent game THE GREAT ADVENTURE OF WH-T-V-R earlier this year in Berlin. A collaboration with multimedia designer Bram van der Poel, the experimental game comments on the medium by introducing players to environments whose goals don't add up. Finding the discs and feeding the dogs never quite leads anywhere and inevitably defeat comes at the hands of the great monster of “W-RKC-MPL-T-.”

The above video is, perhaps for enthusiasts of the low-fi game aesthetic, something to go with the leftover Halloween candy. Raquel Meyers VJs for Tokyo-based chiptune musician Saitone of VORC Records. The performance of "Thriller 8-bit Tribute" took place at this year's Tokyo Blip Festival, alongside composers of indie games Goto80 (HT Gold), Nullsleep (Pongvaders) and Trash80 (Darwinia). A DVD compilation of the visual artist's, titled "Useless, Yet Crucial," is planned for release in early 2011.