Aah Impossible Rescue is a multitasking side-scroller in which you must help three giant cats swim from left to right without planting their faces into any walls. Each of the cats correspond to the A, X and Y buttons, allowing you to move them up or down in their personal space.

The action starts fairly simple with a tutorial working you slowly into the premise, but within a couple of levels it all gets insanely difficult, as you try to keep all three cats safe. If just one cat hits a wall, all three must move back to the last checkpoint, and you've only got nine lives available. I really loved the art style, very much my cup of tea, and while the game is far too difficult for me, I'm definitely going to be getting a couple of friends around later to help me steer the kitties clear.

Any game that has an option labeled 'Silliness' on the main menu is already a winner in my book - you can set all sorts of random and weird visual elements to make the game even harder, such as warped colours and 'caffeine mode'. Easily worth the $1 (80 MS Points) asking price, so make sure you grab a copy from the Xbox Live Marketplace. There's a demo available for download too.