agameyouprobablymissed.PNGThe year is drawing to a close, and our top 10 indie games of the year are now out in the open. Tim will be diving into his awesome top 10 lists for 2010 sometime soon, so before he gets started I thought I'd take a look through 2010 and find all the gems that you probably missed.

The following are games that are definitely worth playing, but for one reason or another didn't really get the attention they deserved the first time around. If you have played all of these, then give yourself a pat on the back - but for the other 99.9% of you, make sure you check these out.

Realm of the Mad God (Wild Shadow Studios)
Dungeons of Fayte (Brent Ellison)
Probability 0 (Droqen)
Destroy the Brain (Anglia Ruskin University Team)
Morplee (Tom Vencel)
Faultline (Nitrome)
Mash Man (SharkArm Studios)
Entanglement (Gopherwood Studios)
Dubloon (Banov)
Poto & Cabenga (Honeyslug)
Sumouse (Terry Cavanagh)
Where We Remain (Twofold Secret)
Time Pygmy (deepnight)
Chaos Invaders (Bit Battalion)
Roulette (Peter Lu)
Sp.A.I (//No Comment)
Sombreros (Dustin Gunn)
Space Funeral (thecatamites)
Snakes of Avalon (Alex van der Wijst and Igor Hardy)
Casus (Time and Liam Berry)