Fallen From the Moon is a simple but cute puzzler about a boy who has fallen off the Moon, and now must past a series of obstacles to get back home again. Over a number of screens, you are tasked with clicking objects in order to clear pathways.

It starts off incredibly easy, with just a couple of clicks on obvious points to pass the levels, and while it never really gets difficult, the game is worth playing for the animations. It's impossible to lose at any point, so getting stuck is rarely frustrating as you're usually only a couple of clicks away from the solution. The way the main character is constantly smiling, despite his predicament, reminded me a lot of a certain other smiley character.

My only real problem was that on screens where multiple obstacles are being moved out of the way, you can usually only move the obstacles in a certain order, even though it doesn't appear to matter which order they are moved in.

Go and play Fallen From The Moon at Newgrounds.