Lame Castle is a side-scrolling runner about kicking chickens, jumping over rocks and popping bouncy castles. Along the way there are plenty of opportunities to grab bonus points.

It starts off a little slow, but once the chicken-kicking, treasure-smashing and barn-running are all in full flow, it's pretty satisfying stuff. The speed really picks up too, so you'll need to have quick reactions. Levels are usually fairly short, which can be a little irritating as the game is best at full speed - however, there are also endless challenges you can play through, in which there is no end.

There's actually a funny story behind this one - programmer Bradley Johnson, who used to work for Crystal Dynamics, watched a Sony ad that laid into the iPhone, with a game called Lame Castle playing on the screen. Bradley thought hey, why not make that iPhone game?

You can play the game over here. Lame Castle is also available on iPhone and Android for $0.99.