Pipedreamz is most likely what the inside of Messhof's head looks like. No, in fact, Pipedreamz is what Mr. Essen sees when he goes to sleep. It's utterly, utterly mental, and I'm not even sure how to properly describe it. Here goes.

Pipedreamz chronicles the life of a burger flipper, who builds up his Pipedreamz by chomping on burger while no-one is watching, and flipping burgers perfectly. He then drifts off into a world where he is a pro surfer who can only pull off tricks called things like 'Mega Burger' and 'Spicy Mustard'. Once he's fallen off his board too many times, his real life comes back into focus. If he drifts in and out too many times, and doesn't manage his job properly, then he gets fired.

See, I told you - mental. Oh, did I mention that his boss is a pig? Yeah, you need to go and play this right now at AdultSwim.