In Time Pygmy you play as a caveman who discovers a time portal inside his cave on a rainy day. Being rather inquisitive he decides to jump into the portal without thinking twice, and finds himself teleported to a cosy house sometime in the distant future. Our protagonist is also given only four minutes to make as many discoveries as he can, before he is forcefully returned to his own timeline to reflect on the amazing adventure he's just had.

Every new discovery that you make will light up a bulb at the bottom of the screen, although the first two discoveries are pretty much given to you as a gift during the tutorial sequence. Some puzzles are solved by placing two objects side by side, while others may require a certain amount of brute force before players can add them to their row of achievements.

The game is also rather short in length, but you'll need at least a couple of playthroughs to figure out every discovery there is to find in this Ludum Dare 19 competition submission.