Battle Dex is an online turn-based strategy game that features some card-play as a way of turning the battlefield in your favour. Before each battle you can choose a deck of cards with special abilities, and deploy them during battle.

As you win battles, you'll receive more cards and be able to build better decks. The actual battling in hex-based, with units vying to take control of specific points on the map and crush the opponents. I was actually surprised at how well it's all done - it's not a simply case of 'units move, units attack, next turn', but rather units will fire multiple times each turn and it really does feel more like a battlefield than your usual strategy game.

You'll need to be connected to the internet the whole time you play, as the game keeps track of your stats, cards and rank on the Battle Dex site. There are also online tournaments held all the time, so if you like yourself some strategy gaming, make sure you check this one out.