Ninja Senki is a Mega Man-style 2D platformer that has been in development for over a year, featuring sixteen levels to play through and multiple endings to discover. Here you play as the ninja master named Hayate, who must seek revenge on the assassin that mercilessly took the life of his clan's princess Kinuhime.

Like most classic games from the early 80's, the game utilizes only two buttons for jump and the default attack move. It doesn't complicate things unnecessarily, and there's even a generous continue option that allows you retry a stage as many times as you want (at the cost of a hundred points minused from your score). Gamepads are also supported and can be configured from the main menu screen.

Note that Ninja Senki doesn't save your progress if you quit, so be sure to free up your afternoon schedule if you're planning on beating the entire game in one go. Windows only.