Starfare was released this week, a space RTS with lots of pew-pewing and resource gathering. After Earth runs out of resources and everyone goes a little crazy on each other, the nations take to space and start grabbing everything they can up there instead.

The main idea is to send out probes and build mines on nearby asteroids while keeping the other hostile nations back with big astrocannons and cruisers. The above video only shows examples of the battling, but there's a lot more to the campaign mode than that. The game itself is a little rough around the edges, with a severe lack of variation in the sound effects department - prepare to here the same guy saying the same line over and over - and some of the text is a little shabby. Overall, however, it's pretty decent stuff.

A future update is planned that will add team-based competitive multiplayer for up to 64 players, which sounds mighty tasty indeed. If you like your RTS gaming, why not give Starfare a try. (Cheers LiquidFog!)