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Archive For December, 2010

Winter Uprising: Radiangames Crossfire 2 (Radiangames)

December 17, 2010 4:26 PM | Michael Rose

Indie Games Winter Uprising go! The original Crossfire was enjoyable enough, but crossed a line between entertainment and frustration by the time you reached the final stages, with unfair respawning and far too much action to keep your eyes on. Luke Schneider of Radiangames is one of those awful indie developer who actually listens to his fans, and as a result has released a sequel that is now easily his finest work.

The idea behind Crossfire 2 is the same as last time - in a nutshell, it's Space Invaders but with the ability to jump between the top and the bottom of the screen and fire from both sides. Everything that I took issue with in the first title has now been dealt with, and on top of that so many lovely ideas have been included.

You're now awarded upgrade points between rounds, and every so often given the chance to boost your fire power, health and speed, amongst other stats. The variety of enemies is so much better this time too - in particular, the bad guy who acts as a bouncer and doesn't let you jump across the screen is a stroke of genius.

Whether you liked the original or not, you're going to love this - and it costs just 80 MS Points ($1). If you have an Xbox, you must buy Crossfire 2. Must! There's a free demo available too.

Trailer: QWOP (Ben Foddy)

December 17, 2010 12:00 PM | Tim W.

Benzido posted this video as a trailer for his upcoming iOS version of QWOP, and oh boy does it look like a major improvement over the original Flash game (which is still playable here). The QWOP remake will feature online leaderboards, new game modes (from 100m sprints to 50km marathon runs), touch controls, graphical improvements, and more laughs per minute than anything else that's ever been released in the App Store since Justin Smith's Enviro-Bear 2000.

The game will be priced at 99 cents for the first two weeks of release, but after that it's going to cost latecomers an extra dollar to purchase ($1.99).

Indie Game Links: Winter Uprisings and Revolutions

December 17, 2010 11:00 AM | Tim W.

Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Gamasutra: Top 10 Indie Games
"So there you have it -- 2010 has come and gone, and with it a whole host of incredible indie gaming titles that have put the indie scene firmly on the map. Choosing just ten from this year was quite the challenge."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: The Other Indie Philanthropy Bundle
"Rob ‘Oddbob‘ Fearon is known for consistently spreading cheer and ingenuity amongst the UK indie community, which is why it’s just awful to hear that he’s been hospitalised from pneumonia. They’re super-grateful to anyone who fancies throwing a little or a lot their way for his Bundle Of Wrong collection."

Indie Superstar: Canabalt 2 Player Details
"Adam Saltsman: he’s got adrenaline gaming covered from left to right in Canabalt and top to bottom in Gravity Hook HD. Adam goes all burlesque in this feature, carefully teasing tidbits about a new iPad port, the incredibly handsome voice talent behind Canabalt, and details behind the 2 Player something-quel."

Gamasutra: SteamBirds Wins Grand Prize At IndiePub's Mobile Games Competition
"Zoo Entertainment's online independent gaming community IndiePub announced the results of its Mobile Games Competition, choosing the Android version of Steambirds as the Grand Prize winner for its overall presentation, mechanics and gameplay."

thatgamecompany: Kellee Talks about the Flower Design Process
"This is a talk that Jenova, Nick Clark, and myself have done at a number of different conferences. I take the audience through our general design philosophy, then demo a number of the prototypes we developed as we searched for the final 'Flower' experience."

1UP: Journey Preview
"Journey is an online multiplayer game that doesn't have to be played online and doesn't fit into any traditional online genre. We talk with thatgamecompany creative director Jenova Chen about how Journey is the first multiplayer game 'designed for humans,' among other things."

Santa Cruz News: The Santa Cruz Video Game Revolution
"Gaijin Games has an actual office, a workplace that doesn’t double as anybody’s home. It was founded by Alex Neuse, a self-described industry veteran who also serves as the company’s CEO. This year it increased its workforce by a third -- making for a grand total of four."

2D Boy: World of Goo for iPad Now Available
"World of Goo for iPad is out, an you can find it now in the App Store. All the little Goo Balls are excited to stream through the internet into their new GooPad homes."

Gamasutra: Spotty Results For XBL Indie Games Winter Uprising Promotion
"Of the Uprising titles release so far, Boyd told Edge that Eyehook's Epic Dungeon has performed the best, with 6,000 sales in 10 days. Other Uprising games have not fared so well, Boyd said, with about 400 sales for Break Limit, and even fewer for titles such as Asteroids Do Concern Me and Ubergridder."

Gamasutra: Crossfire 2 On XBLIG, Determining Fate Of Future Radiangames Releases
"Luke Schneider says that Crossfire 2's performance will influence his plans for 2011, noting that sales for his last XBLIG release, Fireball, were disappointing due to factors like the downloadable platform's recent rating changes."

Browser Game Pick: Spikes Tend to Kill You (Noxious Hamster)

December 17, 2010 10:32 AM | Michael Rose

Spikes Tend to Kill You is a hard-as-nails platformer, with spikes and bullets all over the place and tricky jumps to make. Each level has dialogue describing the scenario and how you're probably not going to beat it.

The first dozen levels aren't too difficult, and you'll most likely breeze through. Then the game declares 'the first real test', and things get ugly. It all depends on whether you like the masochistic approach - I personally thought this was ace.

Go play it at Bubblebox.

Daniel Olsén on Marching with the ilomilos

December 17, 2010 12:00 AM | jeriaska

From Independent Videogame Music in Context, available this week only through Kickstarter

Southend Interactive is an independently financed game studio based in Malmö, Sweden. According to manager Fredrik Erlandsson, the company has refrained from entering the Independent Games Festival because they see it as a forum for less experienced devs. However the design methodologies underlying Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Live Arcade puzzler ilomilo have decidedly reflected an independent spirit.

"Someone comes up with an idea and presents it to the team," says composer Daniel Olsén. "If people like it, we’ll start working on a pitch to show to publishers. We also have something called 'hippie day,' where we sit down in small groups and try to come up with ideas for pitches. Usually, whoever comes up with the idea is the one who stays in charge of the project later on. That’s pretty much it."

Close to one hour of music has been written for the title, which is out now for the Windows mobile device and will see an official release on XBLA in early January. A full-length remix album is also in the works, care of art director Simon Flesser. We caught up with the game's composer to hear about his music score, which in its endearing use of eclectic instrumentation and imprecise harmony lends a childlike quality to the overall game design.

Game composer Daniel Olsén

Browser Game Pick: Pipedreamz (Messhof)

December 16, 2010 11:17 PM | Michael Rose

Pipedreamz is most likely what the inside of Messhof's head looks like. No, in fact, Pipedreamz is what Mr. Essen sees when he goes to sleep. It's utterly, utterly mental, and I'm not even sure how to properly describe it. Here goes.

Pipedreamz chronicles the life of a burger flipper, who builds up his Pipedreamz by chomping on burger while no-one is watching, and flipping burgers perfectly. He then drifts off into a world where he is a pro surfer who can only pull off tricks called things like 'Mega Burger' and 'Spicy Mustard'. Once he's fallen off his board too many times, his real life comes back into focus. If he drifts in and out too many times, and doesn't manage his job properly, then he gets fired.

See, I told you - mental. Oh, did I mention that his boss is a pig? Yeah, you need to go and play this right now at AdultSwim.

There Is More Coming to the Humble Indie Bundle Later This Week...

December 16, 2010 8:00 PM | Michael Rose

In the latest IndieGames podcast, John Graham - co-founder of Wolfire Games and co-organiser of the Humble Indie Bundle - revealed that we can expect more from the bundle later in the week.

"We don't want to do the same thing every time" said Graham, "but we have some ideas for fun things we could do. I can't reveal what those might be yet, but we have at least one crazy idea that we're going to reveal a little later on in the week."

Asked whether there was the chance that an extra game would be added to the bundle (as happened with the first bundle), he replied "That is definitely something that seems really fun to everybody, so I think we might look for those opportunities. If we can find a good game to do that with, that'd be awesome. So I'd recommend keeping your eye on the Humble Indie Bundle site... something might happen."

John Graham also discussed bringing the original bundle back again, and what he hopes to be included in future bundles - jump below the cut to read on. Podcast #13: Humble Indie Bundle Special

December 16, 2010 7:24 PM | Michael Rose

indiegames.PNGWe've got a special early podcast for you this week - we managed to wrangle John Graham away from his Humble Indie Bundle duties to discuss how the bundle idea came about, and how they chose the games to be included in the bundle.

John also reveals that future bundles are definitely on the way, even stating that he'd love to get the likes of Minecraft and Super Meat Boy for the third. There is also a chance that the original Humble Indie Bundle will be back at some point, great for those people who missed it for the first time around.

You know the drill by now - jump below the cut to listen to the podcast, or you can jump over here and listen instead. You like iTunes? Of course you don't, but it's available on there too (you know, in case you're mental). And finally, there is an RSS feed you can subscribe to, if you like being fed. Go listen!

Winter Uprising: Soulcaster 2 (MagicalTimeBean)

December 16, 2010 4:15 PM | Michael Rose

On with our look at the Indie Games Winter Uprising releases, and the latest to land on your Xbox Live Dashboard is Soulcaster 2, a sequel to the original fantasy dungeon crawler. You control a mage who cannot attack enemies directly, but must instead summon guardians to keep watch over him.

Each guardian has a particular skill - one is great at close combat, another is good for long-range fighting, and the firey guardian throws flames around and explodes when dying, causing damage to all around. You can place down all three guardians at the same time - and even place multiple of the same type of guardian - hence the idea is to position them in the best places possible. So for example, it's usually a good idea to put your meleeing friend at the front and summon the other two for backup.

It's initially difficult to get into - unless you've played the original, of course - but definitely worth sticking at, with some great set-pieces later into the game. The story is also enjoyable to follow, and doesn't require that you played the original game.

Soulcaster 2 is available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace for just 240 MS points ($3). There's also a free demo to try out.

Browser Game Pick: Carrot Track (Ferry Halim)

December 16, 2010 1:35 PM | Michael Rose

rabbit.jpgCarrot Track is a simple yet entertaining dodge-em-up, in which a rabbit is running along a line of carrot, and you must grab dogs by the leads and keep them away from him.

The trick is that you can grab multiple dogs by keeping the mouse button held down as you drag. It starts off pretty easy, with slow moving dogs spread out over the track, but eventually fast-moving pups are added, and a variety of pick-ups alter how the game plays. It's pretty cute stuff, as is to be expected from Ferry's back catalogue (for example, the wonderful Winterbells.)

Go give it a play over at Orisinal.

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