Originally released as a Ludum Dare competition entry for Windows and Mac, Mind Wall is a 3D puzzler in which you have to create holes of the correct sizes on walls for the yellow blocks to pass through. The advancing yellow block cannot be turned or rotated to fit into the opening, and players are only allowed to remove a small square piece from every wall.

Because of the simplicity of the concept, every puzzle can be solved with just a single tap, provided that you know the right place to remove a tile. Playing through the tutorial will teach you about the basic shapes in Mind Wall, and the Gauntlet mode is automatically unlocked for you once you've beaten the first ten stages that the game has to offer.

Mind Wall is available on nearly all popular desktop and mobile platforms, although you might find the PC and Mac versions slightly dated (which is the original Ludum Dare build that doesn't include the Gauntlet mode and online leaderboards). The iPhone release is available to purchase from the App Store for only $0.99.