There are already plenty of Minecraft user mods available, but with the upcoming beta release and promise to better support mods for the game, I thought I'd go searching for some of the better ones.

Scribblecraft is a hand-drawn texture pack for Minecraft by Kristopher Bel, with each block drawn onto squared paper and presented in a colourful way. What's great about it is that from a distance, the Minecraft world looks relatively similar to normal, yet when you walk up close to a block, the texture suddenly become very obvious. Hitting blocks even causes scribble cracks to appear. Very cool stuff indeed.

You can download the Scribblecraft mod over on Minecraft Forum, although you'll need the HD Texture Fix first! Note also that the mod only works on the paid, downloadable version, and not the browser version.

Screenshots below the cut show all the different types of block.