vvvvvv.jpgYou may remember the charity auction we posted about a month ago - Anders Ekermo knitted a selection of indie gaming socks and hats, and put them up on eBay for charity. You may also have followed the saga of the VVVVVV socks afterwards, in which Terry Cavanagh offered a free copy of the game to anyone who bidded on the socks, and the price quickly rocketed to a staggering $10,200.

Unsurprisingly when the auction ended, the winning bidder didn't pay up and none of the top ten bidders wanted to put money down either. A sad state of affairs, but this story does have a happy ending - Anders contacted us today to let us know that the socks finally sold to a bidder for $355, far from the $10k final bid, but still an immense amount for a pair of socks.

In total over all his auctions, Anders made roughly $600 for the Child's Play charity, which is very lovely indeed. Were you one of the auctions winners? We want to see pictures of you wearing your prizes please!