The next Indie Games Winter Uprising release is easily the most interesting of the lot. In development for over two years, Chu's Dynasty is a Smash Bros style fighter, with up to four players battling over a variety of arenas.

There are only four characters to choose from, but each has unique special abilities, including powers to control time. One character can rewind his last action, allowing him to confuse his opponents, while another can create their own clones and attack from two different places. There are plenty of tricks to learn, with multiple energy bars to watch and counter-attacks to pull over.

Apart from the multiplayer action, there are also four short campaigns to play through, one as each character. I wouldn't say it's an amazing battler, yet for the price, the multiplayer, the ideas and the lovely visuals, Chu's Dynasty is definitely worth checking out.

Price is a mere 240 MS points ($3), and a demo is also available from the Xbox Live Marketplace.