Well, it would appear that the Indie Games Winter Uprising is going on a little longer than first anticipated, as the sixth Uprising game is released after the 'week long' promotion. Decimation X3 is a sequel to the original Decimation X on XBLIG (Decimation X2 is a Windows Phone game), and builds on what made number one such great multiplayer fun.

It's simple really - Xona Games took Space Invaders, and made it stupidly overpowered. Up to four players begin with rubbish lasers against weak enemies, but within a few minutes you've picked up lots of power-ups and oh wow it's a bit mental. Bullets everywhere, power-ups scattered all over the place, level after level after level, big boss battles, the works.

My only problem is that, well... it's not exactly that different from the original Decimation X. It's pretty much the very same game in fact, besides better visuals and a couple of extra ideas here and there. Even the music is the very same (again, remade). Hence, if you grabbed the original, had a short blast of fun with it and then never played it again, there isn't much point in picking number 3 up.

If you haven't check the Decimation X series out before, however, then X3 is worth checking out. Make sure you at least grab the demo.