Indie Games Winter Uprising go! The original Crossfire was enjoyable enough, but crossed a line between entertainment and frustration by the time you reached the final stages, with unfair respawning and far too much action to keep your eyes on. Luke Schneider of Radiangames is one of those awful indie developer who actually listens to his fans, and as a result has released a sequel that is now easily his finest work.

The idea behind Crossfire 2 is the same as last time - in a nutshell, it's Space Invaders but with the ability to jump between the top and the bottom of the screen and fire from both sides. Everything that I took issue with in the first title has now been dealt with, and on top of that so many lovely ideas have been included.

You're now awarded upgrade points between rounds, and every so often given the chance to boost your fire power, health and speed, amongst other stats. The variety of enemies is so much better this time too - in particular, the bad guy who acts as a bouncer and doesn't let you jump across the screen is a stroke of genius.

Whether you liked the original or not, you're going to love this - and it costs just 80 MS Points ($1). If you have an Xbox, you must buy Crossfire 2. Must! There's a free demo available too.