Xona Games has been busy, releasing two Xbox Live Indie Game shmups in a week. The first was of course Decimation X3, and now Score Rush has landed, the 'spiritual prequel' to upcoming XBLA title Duality ZF.

Score Rush is a 1-4 player co-op twin-stick shooter, with plenty of bullets and flashy colours. It doesn't do anything particularly new or clever, but there's no denying that it's an absolute blast, especially if you can get 3 friends round to play. As you pick up glowing orbs from dead enemies, you'll earn assistant shooters that will follow closely behind you and shoot wherever you aim. At one point, myself and three other players had around 50 streams of bullets raining down on the enemy. Put it this way - in a single-player game, I apparently fired over 250,000 bullets in around 10 minutes.

Yes indeed, it's mental stuff, and just 80 MS Points ($1). Go grab a copy, or download the demo.