With the likes of Kickstarter and IndieGoGo proving a mighty successful way to fund your latest project, it was only a matter of time before an indie gaming centric funding site came along. 8-Bit Funding was launched today, and is hoping to provide the best place for indie developers to give their ideas a monetary boost.

The site has launched with seven indie titles already gunning for your cash, and anyone interested in trying the setup out can simply sign up for an account right now and start their own project page.

I talked to organiser Geoff Gibson about how the site came about, and what he hopes to accomplish:

What is 8-Bit Funding, and how can developers get involved?

8-Bit Funding is a new game development-centric crowdfunding website. It's an easy way for developers who might need a little extra funding to appeal to a community as a whole instead of trying to selling shares or profits in their games to large publishers or venture capitalists.

For a developer to get involved it's as simple as registering an account and then clicking the big ol' "CREATE" button on the tab bar. From there you'll fill our the requisite information. To keep out the rubbish and make sure only legit projects make it to the site, we will be using a curated review process whereby, a moderator of 8-Bit Funding will be reviewing and approving and denying projects. The system is set up primarily to ensure scammers aren't trying to make faux projects.

Why did you decide to start the site? How does it differ from the likes of Kickstarter et al?

Site development began back in November when we noticed that game developers were having a more difficult time selling their ideas/games on all-encompassing sites like Kickstarter. The idea behind Kickstarter is fantastic, unfortunately, knowing the people behind Kickstarter through some contacts, I happen to know their emphasis is largely on music and film as opposed to games (which don't get featured very often, if ever).

Bottom line, it had become apparent to us that game developers pitching projects to non-gamers became an awkward and unsatisfying experience. We are a culture of our own that is big, large, and powerful enough to justify a site that caters specifically to game developers and gaming related projects.

Of course, we differ in a few other ways from Kickstarter as well. For one, we're international. Kickstarter requires a US bank account leaving many international projects out. Game development is a world-wide phenomena, to limit ourselves to the United States only would be a grievous mistake on our part.


What is the best way for developers to have their games featured on the site's main page?

Developers that come after the launch will need to set themselves apart from other projects and really appeal to us and to our users. This can be done in any number of ways that I can't fully describe here.

I will say that we can monitor individual project page views so if we see a developer is trying extra hard to promote his/her project we will absolutely give them an additional helping hand. Other things could be showing off a tremendous looking game, or simply having the reputation of being a great developer.

What kind of system is used for donating to projects on the site?

We use PayPal . I know it's not everybody's favorite method of payment. However, it gives us the flexibility to offer reliable contributions to an international market with ease. As we move forward we plan on offering alternative options for contributing, but in the beginning PayPal will be our primary use.