Aurora is an ambient, simplified real-time strategy that mixes the visual style of Osmos with gameplay similar to Eufloria. The game was released today, and developer E McNeill is trying a strategic "high-volume, zero-profit" business direction, by giving the game away for free for the first 24 hours.

It's definitely worth downloading too, with simple yet lovely ideas on offer. Provided with an army of glowing stars, you drag them with your mouse to surrounding planets to capture the world as your own. Unfortunately, there are other coloured stars who would also like a piece of the action, and plenty of fighting ensues. The use of sound is particularly pleasant - the music will fade in and out depending on how close you are to the action, and plinky plonk noises will emanate whenever a heated war is going on.

After today, the game will be available for $5.00, so if you feel like the experience was worth paying for, make sure to grab another copy later in the week! Download Aurora for free now.