Anomaly: Warzone Earth is sort of a 'reverse' tower defense game in which you play as the commander of a elite squad, sent on a mission to investigate an alien invasion taking place in Baghdad. Being the leader means having to pick which roads or paths to take in order to reach your objective, when to deploy special abilities like quick repairs and smoke screens for fooling your enemies, and even decide on which vehicle upgrades to purchase and improve your team's chances of surviving combat skirmishes. Like most tower defense games, the enemies will stay rooted in one place and unlikely to give chase, but they will be ferocious in their attacks the moment you wander into their range or line of sight.

11 Bit Studios is currently developing Anomaly: Warzone Earth for the PC, iPad, iPhone and Mac platforms. There's no release date for the game yet, but the team is looking at putting it out sometime in early 2011.